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Within this site you will find everything to help you get the chiropractic message across to your patients more effectively, leaving you more time to do what you do best .....adjusting patients!

More in depth information can be found in our Chiropractic Specialty brochures, these include 'Frequently asked questions about chiropractic', 'Six reasons to continue (chiropractic) care' and along with the other nine titles in our specialty chiropractic brochure range we cover all aspects of health and chiropractic from nutrition to exercise to innate intelligence.

We provide you the chiropractor with Chiropractic DVD's, Chiropractic Handouts, Chiropractic Posters, Chiropractic Children's materials, Chiropractic Postcards, Anatomical charts, Bochure display stands, Chiropractic Report of Findings folders (magazettes) and of course Chiropractic Spinal Models. We have twenty nine Chiropractic lifestyle brochures with several titles available in Spanish and French languages.

What have we been up to lately? We are excited to bring you our brand new 3 Stage Spinal Degeneration Model . We have spent two years reviewing the most contemporary literature and talking to the experts and we are pleased to offer the only model that uses the current research as the framework for its design. This model was worth the wait and is truly an upgrade to all that we’ve seen and used before so enjoy it and the tools we include with its purchase. We are so pleased with our new model we had it modeled in 3D so you can 'pick it up in virtual space' and see for yourself why we think it's the best spinal degeneration model on the market today.

Why use Back Talk Systems for your patient education?

Developed by Chiropractors: All Back Talk materials have been created and refined with input from our best customers, Chiropractic’s most successful doctors all around the world.

Quality Products: Rest assured that all products are tested and utilized in bustling clinics before being offered in our catalog. You will also find Back Talk materials being used in chiropractic colleges and recommended by industry consultants throughout the world.

Exceptional Service: We know that our success depends on your happiness with our service. Our customer care team is happy to assist you when shopping our products. If you ever need to discuss anything just drop us a line, +44 (0)1872 572620. Or drop us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Chiropractic DVD
Price: £23.00
Price: £280.00
Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions Brochure Chiropractic Disc Problems Lifestyle Brochure
Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic
50 x per pack
Chiropractic DVD
Chiropractic Powerpoint Presentation CD Chiropractic Poster Cause & Effect 36
Price: £65.00
Price: £34.00
It's, As, Simple, As, That laminated cause and effect 36"x 24" in poster
Chiropractic Powerpoint Presentation CD Chiropractic Poster Cause & Effect 36
Spanish Six Reasons To Continue Chiropractic Care Chiropractic Poster Healthy Habits
Price: £23.00
Price: £29.00
Six, Reasons, To , Continue, Care, Spanish chiropractic lahabi
Spanish Six Reasons To Continue Chiropractic Care Chiropractic Poster Healthy Habits

Today's Super Deal!

Chiropractic Report Folders.

Price: £30.00
chiropractic magazette -  uk Report of Findings folder
Chiropractic Report Of Findings Folder
25 x per pack

Sale Products ... Up to 50% off!

Chiropractic Phone Postcard
Sale Price: £12.00
Chiropractic Skeptics Brochure
Sale Price: £11.00
Truth About Chiropractic Brochure
Sale Price: £11.00
Chiropractic Postcard I Feel Great
Sale Price: £12.00
Chiropractic Doctors Orders Brochure
Sale Price: £11.00

New Products

Chiropractic Poster Grass Needs Water
Price: £29.00
Professional LxH Lumbar Herniating Disc Model
Price: £245.00
Chiropractic Handouts Kids Pad
Price: £16.00
Chiropractic Poster Health Poster
Price: £29.00
Chiropractic Poster Your First Subluxation
Price: £29.00