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Professional LxH Lumbar Herniating Disc Model
Professional LxH Lumbar Herniating Disc Model
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Professional LxH Lumbar Herniating Disc Model
Price: £245.00

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The Professional LxH Model.... Seeing is believing.

We have teamed up with Dynamic Disc Designs to bring the LxH herniating disc model to Europe.

After having just shown this model at the recent UCA Autumn conference we can tell you the reception was astounding. When we asked the attending Dr's whether they had seen the new LxH Model they invariably gave off the impression that there could be nothing 'new' in a spinal model... as soon as they were given a demonstration of the nucleus of the disc actually herniating through the rear of the annulus fibrosus, their jaws literally dropped open!

Details include a herniating (or disc prolapse) nucleus pulposus, transparent L4, opaque L5, realistic 2-part disc (allowing 6 degrees of freedom and nuclear migration upon manual compression through a torn annulus fibrosus), right posterior-lateral radial and circumferential tear with intervertebral disc innervation to outer third of annulus * (to demonstrate discogenic pain), nerve ingrowth to inner two thirds of damaged annulus * (to demonstrate chronic pain), partial left posterior-lateral radial tear * (to demonstrate the progessive nature of disc herniation and earlier forms of DDD), anterior circumferential tear *, embedded nuclear structure (to demonstrate nuclear shifting dynamics), endplate, endplate pores, endplate lesion, vasculature in L4 vertebral body, facet hyaline cartilage, facet subchondrial vascularization. Includes: sensory and motor divisions, doral root ganglion, recurrent meningeal, gray rami communicantes, posterior primary division, dura mater, arachnoid sheath, rootlets, properly placed nerve root to accurately demonstrate the most commonly affected nerve with post-lateral herniation.

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Professional LxH Lumbar Herniating Disc Model