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Back Talk Europe
The Leaders in Chiropractic Patient Education

Back Talk Europe are the European distributors based in the UK for Back Talk Systems, who are the longest established and most trusted suppliers of chiropractic patient education materials.

We are based at the beautiful coastal town of Perranporth in Cornwall, UK.

Back Talk Systems, Inc. was founded in 1989 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of our first mission statements was to focus on assisting chiropractors around the world with contemporary communication tools and patient-centered protocols, designed to advance the acceptance and utilization of chiropractic.

President and C.E.O, Dr. Rob Jackson, owns an active, multi-doctor practice in Denver, and uses his practice as a "living laboratory" for the development and application of the ideas and tools shared in this program. Dr. Jackson has provided case management and industrial consulting for a number of clients. His practice is predominantly operated on a "cash" basis and continues to thrive in spite of the challenges of declining third party reimbursement and the growing influences of managed care. You are always welcome to visit his clinic.

Back Talk Systems values the creative input from Chiropractors and we are happy to consider any product ideas you may have. Feel free to contact us regarding your thoughts on products to further benefit chiropractic.